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The new, the old and the weird as seen from Split's Old Town

Croatia – Number 3 exotic travel destination for students!

What makes Croatia the best summer destination for students who want to wander a little bit off the beaten path, save some money, and still experience some of the best that Europe has to offer? Simple, people haven’t really discovered it yet. That means not only do you get to be the only one of your friends who’s been here (and tell them all how they’re so missing out), but you get to do it for a lot less cash than you would spend in France or Italy. But don’t think Croatia will stay obscure for much longer. In 2006 National Geographic Adventure named Croatia as the #1 Adventure Nation, the London Times called it one of the 18 “best travel experiences ever,” so – maybe not surprisingly – in 2009 Croatia is the 13th most popular destination for EU travelers.

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