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March 2013

Our Top 5 Restaurants in Split

Although there seems to be a cafe around every corner in Split, it is only in recent years that the city has gained any great number of good places to eat. Thankfully, it now boasts a huge range of restaurants, bistros, konobas (restaurants with a smaller menu), and fast food outlets.

Some of the best eating places in Split are close to Studio Loza, so here’s an entirely personal choice of…

Split is a ‘Fantasia’ Destination

The cruise ship MSC Fantasia, with 3,500 passengers aboard, docked in Split this morning, marking the start of the cruise season The ship is 333 metres long and is the largest ever to arrive in Split. Like most big cruise ships it had to dock in the straights and ferry guests in using smaller boats.

Photo by Justin Ennis from Ridgecrest, US (MSC FantasiaUploaded by Navigans) [CC-BY-2.0], via…

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